greta provides a wide range of methods to apply common R functions and operations to greta_array objects. A few of these functions and operators are not associated with a class system, so they are overloaded here. This should not affect normal use of these functions, but they need to be documented to satisfy CRAN's check.

x %*% y

chol2inv(x, size = NCOL(x), LINPACK = FALSE)



colMeans(x, na.rm = FALSE, dims = 1L)

rowMeans(x, na.rm = FALSE, dims = 1L)

colSums(x, na.rm = FALSE, dims = 1L)

rowSums(x, na.rm = FALSE, dims = 1L)

sweep(x, MARGIN, STATS, FUN = "-", check.margin = TRUE, ...)

backsolve(r, x, k = ncol(r), upper.tri = TRUE, transpose = FALSE)

forwardsolve(l, x, k = ncol(l), upper.tri = FALSE, transpose = FALSE)

apply(X, MARGIN, FUN, ...)

tapply(X, INDEX, FUN, ...)

eigen(x, symmetric, only.values, EISPACK)

rdist(x1, x2 = NULL, compact = FALSE)

abind(..., along = N, rev.along = NULL, new.names = NULL,
  force.array = TRUE, make.names = use.anon.names,
  use.anon.names = FALSE, use.first.dimnames = FALSE,
  hier.names = FALSE, use.dnns = FALSE)

diag(x = 1, nrow, ncol)


x, y, size, LINPACK, V, na.rm, dims, MARGIN, STATS, FUN, check.margin, …, r, k, upper.tri, transpose, l, X, INDEX, symmetric, only.values, EISPACK, x1, x2, compact, along, rev.along, new.names, force.array, make.names, use.anon.names, use.first.dimnames, hier.names, use.dnns, nrow, ncol

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