A list of functions and R6 class objects that can be used to develop extensions to greta. Most users will not need to access these methods, and it is not recommended to use them directly in model code.


This help file lists the available internals, but they are not fully documented and are subject to change and deprecation without warning (though care will be taken not to break dependent packages on CRAN). For an overview of how greta works internally, see the technical details vignette. See https://github.com/greta-dev for examples of R packages extending and building on greta.

Please get in contact via GitHub if you want to develop an extension to greta and need more details of how to use these internal functions.

You can use attach() to put a sublist in the search path. E.g. attach(.internals$nodes$constructors) will enable you to call op(), vble() and distrib() directly.


 .internals$greta_arrays$unknowns        # greta array print methods
 .internals$inference$progress_bar       # progress bar tools
                      samplers           # MCMC samplers
                      stash              # stashing MCMC samples
 .internals$nodes$constructors           # node creation wrappers
                  distribution_classes   # R6 distribution classes
                  mixture_classes        # R6 mixture distribution classes
                  node_classes           # R6 node classes
 .internals$tensors                      # functions on tensors
 .internals$utils$checks                 # checking function inputs
                  colours                # greta colour scheme
                  dummy_arrays           # mocking up extract/replace
                  misc                   # code simplification etc.
                  samplers               # mcmc helpers
 .internals$greta_stash                  # internal information storage